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New drill to access inaccessible areas

Flexible extended-reach drill means no more prepping drill locations

earthing solutions excavator drill

In May 2022, we take delivery of a hi-tech drill attachment for a 5-ton excavator. The drill attaches to the excavator arm and can extend up to 3m with swivel capabilities offering a great range of motion. Flexible and powerful, the drill is capable of drilling to depths of more than 20m.

The new drill will have the reach and flexibility to access areas that have been inaccessible to our current fleet of static drills.

Drilling substation easements from the perimeter
We will be able to drill in open substation easements from the perimeter of the easement. We will also be able to drill in areas with steep access, to a distance of 3m. These types of projects previously required clients’ prior preparation of the drill locations.

Enhanced rail access
The drill can be set up on high rail excavators to access site locations via rail, reducing the time and expense required when using a static drill.

Benefit to clients
Earthing Solutions’ clients will benefit from the latest addition to our drilling fleet with reduced site preparation, faster execution, and greater cost efficiency.

We are committed to delivering quality and reliable service to our clients and the new addition to our drill fleet adds to this commitment.

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