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Infrastructure Sustainability Council Membership

ISC Membership Reinforces Earthing Solutions Commitment to Sustainability

sustainable infrastructure commitment

In September, the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) welcomed Earthing Solutions as a member. Joining the organisation was a logical next step in Earthing Solutions’ commitment to embedding sustainability in every aspect of business.

“Most of the earth testing, earthing, and lightning protection we undertake is for power and transport projects,” said General Manager, Dave Gale. “While our contribution to major infrastructure projects is relatively small, we recognise that all suppliers have a responsibility to ensuring infrastructure delivers social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits.”

“We operate in a time of limited resources, pollution, and climate change. It is critical that we look at implementing continuous improvements for future generations. Sustainability is a key consideration in material procurement. We also monitor waste and aim to minimise our impact on the environment.”

“We know there is more we can do, and we are looking forward to accessing ISC training and resources, and to collaborating with ISC members to bolster our sustainability efforts.”

As an ISC member, Earthing Solutions has committed to:

  • Integrating sustainable development principles within our corporate decision-making processes
  • Implementing processes, plans and key performance indicators to continuously seek improvements in social, environmental, cultural and economic performance
  • Encouraging and facilitating responsible planning, design, construction and operational practices
  • Upholding fundamental human rights and respecting cultures, customs, and values in dealing with communities and employees
  • Implementing and maintaining ethical businesses, projects and sound systems of corporate governance