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Top Hammer Case Drilling System

Efficiently placing electrodes deep in hard rock

Earthing Solutions employs top hammer drilling to efficiently drill into hard rock and to place electrodes at great depths. Specifically, our 80mm-diameter top hammer case drilling system enhances our capability in delivering earthing projects for our clients.

Drilling the hole

Top hammer drilling uses feed force, percussion, rotation, and air to drill a hole. The feed force keeps the bit in contact with the bottom of the hole while the hydraulic drill generates percussive blows transmitting energy from the hammer through the drill string to the bit. Rotation ensures the bit impacts the ground in a different orientation with each blow. Compressed air is fed through the drill string and bit into the hole to carry the rock fragments to the surface.

Placing the electrodes

Our top hammer drilling system uses standard top hammer speed rods in conjunction with an 80mm case drilling system and a specialist drill bit. Once the required depth has been reached the drill bit is removed and the electrode is placed in the casing. The casing is retracted leaving the electrode in place.

Tried and true system

We have been using this system effectively for more than eight years, including to drill and place electrodes to depths of 27.5m in cobble and to multiple depths in track ballast.