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Lightning Protection

CDC data centre lightning protection system

CDC Data Centre Eastern Creek

Supply and installation of 2 x Erico System 3000 Lightning Protection Systems including: 2 x 8m galvanized lightning masts with adaptor spigots to carry the 3m fibreglass lightning masts and dynaspheres Lightning event counters 2 x 5m-deep electrodes Foundation cages Concreting Challenge : Earthing Solutions had to crane the equipment over the generators under construction.

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ausgrid chamber substation khartoum rd macquarie park

Khartoum Road Macquarie Park

Supply and installation of separate earth grid for Ausgrid Chamber Substation including: Drilling 5.4m electrodes in the level 3 basement of the building Supplying and installing specialised galvanized risers and draw-in boxes to accommodate 70mm2 XLPE cable to be taken to the ground floor level. Challenge: Installing the earth grid components required specialised drilling equipment.

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Oran Park Zone substation earth grid project

Oran Park Zone Substation

Supply and installation of complete earth grid system including buried earth grid, surface mounted earth grid, crimped connections, and connections to fence post and gates. The earth bar and connections were installed in the substation basement. The work required skilled personnel and specialised equipment. The project also included the supply and installation of 10 x

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Potts Hill lightning protection and substation earthing

Potts Hill Transgrid Substation

Supply and installation of complete earth grid and lightning protection installation including: 40 x 6m deep earth electrodes Buried earth grids Surface mounted earth grids Crimped connections Connections to fence posts and gates Lightning protection Surface, wall and ceiling mounted earth grid Connections to 132 and 330 GIS equipment The installation of earthing components in

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