Project Category: Substation Earthing

Roberts Road Zone Substation

Roberts Road Zone Substation

Complete installation of a buried earth grid including: Approximately 2000m earth grid Bonds to equipment 15m electrode and connections Embedded welding Testing for structure footings. Challenge: Earthing Solutions had to work in and around existing live structures and coordinating with Endeavour Energy and the various trades involved in the project was challenging. Given the 6-month …

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kiosk transformer leura

Kiosk Transformer Leura

Supply and installation of multiple high voltage and low voltage electrodes and earth grid. The project involved drilling to install the electrodes, preparing the electrode inspection pits, excavating and back filling trenches, exothermic welding for electrode connection, and 3 pole FOB testing. Challenge: With the project being within the rail corridor, Earthing Solutions had to …

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Minto Traction Substation earthing and bondi

Minto Traction Substation

Supply and installation of earthing and bonding for Sydney Trains Traction Substation including: 8 x electrodes 70mm2 buried grading ring 3x transformer bunds in the basement ground floor equipotential earth bar fitout bonds to equipment and structure. Installing the earthing and bonding system required specialised drilling equipment and specialised materials. Challenege: The project required careful …

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Padmount substation earth grid Spring Farm

Earthing Substation Spring Farm

Earthing Solutions supplied and installed a separate earth grid for the padmount substation at Spring Farm. The project : 70mm2 bare c/u grading ring 70mm2 XLPE high voltage and low voltage earth grid 1 x 30m and 4 x 20m deep earth electrodes Step-touch potential earth pads Upgrade of insulators on high voltage earth bar …

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pactum glass ingleburn private substation earth grid project

Pactum Glass Ingleburn

Supply and installation of combined earth grid for private substation including: 70mm2 bare c/u grading ring 70mm2 G/Y insulated cable to main earth bar 4 x 10m-deep earth electrodes Cadweld connections Furse electrode pits and testing. The supply and installation of the earth grid components of the project required experienced staff and specialised excavation and …

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Substation earthing and testing

Wilton & Nepean Zone Substation

Supply and installation of complete earth grid system including buried earth grids, surface mounted earth grids, crimped connections, and connections to fence posts and gates. The substation projects also included supplying and installing 15 x 20m deep earth electrodes at Wilton and 2 x 50m deep earth electrodes at Nepean. Challenge : Installing earthing components …

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